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Credit Card Summary
Expense Reimbusement Declaration
Telephone Declaration
Petty Cash Declaration
Wage Reconciliation Sheet
GST Questionnaire and Declaration

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Bank Authority Setup Forms***
Credit card summary
Expense Reimbursement Declaration
Petty cash Declaration
Telephone declaration
Reconciliation Sheets
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how to install bnotes
how to register the program
how to set up the BNotes program
setup bnotes
banklink presentation - how we do it here
BNotes user guide
Dummy Bnotes File - to play with
offsite banklink documents
right click to download GST & BankLink - how we do it here
GST Questionnaire guide
GST Questionnaire

BankLink Level I

  • preparation of your quarterly BAS from your in-house accounting software such as MYOB or QuickBooks or our BankLink BNotes systems
  • simple and concise cash flow reports with analysis of the most important trends in the progress of your business shown in a graphical way so that the trends are clear to you
  • dealing with all correspondence from the ATO and advice on your GST substantiation requirements and the declarations required for G S T purposes

BankLink Level II

  • processing all your transactions for each BAS period
  • preparation of profitability reports, because cash flow is one thing, but profit is entirely another
  • reviews of your business profits and likely taxation commitments, so that you can plan properly for your up coming tax payments

G S T Compliance Kit

  • processing credit card and petty cash payments, preparation of your G S T substantiation declarations required for G S T purposes preparing tax
  • invoices for inter company transfers, chasing valid tax invoices reconciling basic wage transactions
  • review of your GST records to help you comply with all ATO requirements and to help you minimise areas of risk or penalties

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