Home Office Expenses


So you want to claim home office expenses.

Well, these are the Tax Office's New Simplified "Rules"


Your Home Office

(no watching TV rooms or spare bedrooms with a desk)

(provided you write your times in a log book)


Your Telephone

can be claimed if you use this calculation

Business calls(in and out)/Total calls (in and out)

provided that all calls are shown in a log book

(that can be checked to against your telephone bill)


Your Computer and Fax

You guessed it, another log book


and what are the Simplified Rules for Your Log Book

the log book should be written up for at least 4 weeks

you have to start a new log book each year

you have to keep a record showing periods you were sick, on holidays or just not using the office for any length of time

you have to keep records to show that your 4 week log book period was an "average" 4 week period, otherwise you have to keep "records of the duration and purpose of each use of (the) home office during the year" [ATO Practice Statement PS200/16]

you have to file the log book for at least 5 years and


So, if you want to make a claim this year call today for help to start your log book.