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The Gold and Platinum PackageS

for a business that wants “all the extras” and the need to “get together” regularly to discuss detailed tax, financial planning and business control issues so that “you can’t get it wrong”

A Fixed Fee of



with gst

a Gold Package
a Platinum Package (monthly)





Accounting Reports

annual accounts for your company (statutory financial reports format) cash flow and profit and loss forecasts and accounts (in any format your bank manager wants)

no audit of your financial records will be conducted and all financial accounts will be prepared with our standard disclaimer

all documents prepared will be forwarded to you for approval before they are lodged & we will give you as many copies as you need

Business Health Checks

management meetings to review your accounting records to help you improve your systems and highlight areas that are performing well, areas that require attention, assessment of risk in others

Debt: Leases, bank loans and overdrafts

working with you to prepare applications for leases, loans and overdrafts including meetings with your bankers and financial agents

FBT return

preparation of your FBT return and GST journals, advice on your substantiation requirements, the declarations required for FBT purposes and your record keeping requirements


lodging the IAS returns and your workers compensation renewals from your payroll records preparation your annual PAYG certificates and returns

G S T Compliance

support for your in-house accounting software such as MYOB or QuickBooks

lodging your quarterly BAS prepared from your in-house accounting software

review of your GST record keeping to help you comply with all ATO requirements to help you minimise areas of risk or penalties

dealing with all correspondence from the ATO and advice on your GST substantiation requirements and the declarations required for GST purposes

simple and concise cash flow reports with analysis of the most important trends in the progress of your business shown in a graphical way so that the trends are clear to you

review of your financial performance after six and nine months to provide you with taxation planning advice before the end of the year. Action taken here will allow us to proactively plan for end of year strategies

Taxation returns

all your business and personal tax matters including preparing and lodging tax returns, dealing with all correspondence from the ATO and advice on your substantiation requirements and the declarations required for income tax purposes

Visits, cups of coffee and smiles,

unlimited access to our team for advice on any matters

and regular get togethers at you place

this means that you can call for help any time knowing that you will not be charged for the time



Our fee packages are
based around...
  • someone to make things easy for you, by saying “leave it with us and we will do it”
  • regular "get-togethers" to discuss “how you are going and what you should be doing?”
  • monitoring your business and programs to improve your profits
  • all the direction you need in your tax and accounting matters
  • some direction in your asset protection and investment strategies
  • conducting seminars for your team training and development and customer service programs
  • helping prepare your BAS and maintaining your GST records
  • simplifying your accounting work (and showing to you our BankLink system)
  • helping set up your reporting systems showing you what to look for in your monthly reports
  • preparation of your financial accounts and tax returns
  • and anything else that comes up once we get started





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