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And This Is My Only Disclaimer

Annual Accounts

when the financial accounts are prepared, some discrepancies may exist between the information disclosed in the quarterly BAS returns and in the annual financial statements. If this happens, we will need to correct either the BAS returns or financial accounts and discuss your record keeping procedures

Additional and Unanticipated Services

before any additional work is done arising from issues raised at any of the unlimited consultations an “Extra Work Order” (EWO) quotation must be accepted

Financial Advice

(this is a notice required by the Corporations Act 2001)

there will be no provision of financial advice or advice on financial products or the provision of financial services other than
• advising in relation to the preparation or auditing of financial statements;
• advising or acting in the capacity of a controller, administrator, receiver, manager, liquidator or trustee in bankruptcy in relation to the administration (including the disposal) of an entity or estate;
• advising on the financing of the acquisition of assets that are not financial products (for example, advising on the advantages and disadvantages of financing alternatives such as leasing and hire purchase);
• advising on the processes for the compliance operations of a superannuation fund within the meaning of the SI(S) Act;
• advising on debt management, including factoring, defeasance and the sale of debts;
• advising on taxation issues, including in relation to the taxation implications of financial products;
• advising on the management of risk associated with conducting a business, including risk management through the use of financial products (for example, hedging);
• advising on business planning, including advise in relation to the establishment, structuring and administration of a business;
• conducting a due diligence on a business;
• valuing the assets of, or shares in, a business, or part of that business.

Land Tax

land tax issues will be limited to receiving and forwarding to you any Land Tax notice received on your behalf. Land Tax returns will not be checked unless our Land Tax Kit has been added as a module to your package

Modules Not Subscribed to

all work will be limited to the accounting and taxation matters subscribed to, and will at all times be subject to the completeness and accuracy of the information you provide to us for the assignment.


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