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The Packages

Our Fee Policy

As a small practice of senior advisers, we work with clients ranging from micro businesses to small to medium enterprises and individuals focusing on their needs to develop practical solutions to increase the value of their businesses by improving the way they market, operate and account for themselves

Our Business Is Looking After Your Business

We believe it is our responsibility to make sure that you are never surprised by the cost of any of our services

...that’s why we offer a simple fee structure of fixed fee packages with no hourly charges

Our Fee Packages

Each Package includes a couple of special things. See package details below

• access to all accounting, tax, and business advice you have requested on a fixed-price basis
• there is no “clock-ticking” – the package is an annual retainer
• any additional services will be subject to a price agreement before we start

That way you know exactly what your Accounting Costs will be for our standard Retainer Period of 1 July to 30 June, and you should always feel that you are getting value,

Our Guarantee

• if you don’t think you are getting value (and you are the sole judge of that) – you owe nothing
• if for any reason you are not satisfied with anything relating to our working relationship (and again, you are the sole judge) you can terminate the appointment and you won’t owe anything

no strings – no questions

Our Strategic Alliances

Because we maintain strategic alliances with leading legal, taxation and accounting offices in Australia our Team will always make recommendations for you to consider,

...that way

• you can be certain that you are getting all the advice you need to help you build a better business
“if you’re getting it wrong we will take you in the right direction”, and
• you are always using the right financial, management and Income Tax processes for your business


The Pearl Package

when you say: “I need help – but I don’t think that I can afford it”

For micro businesses (sole traders, really small family partnerships or companies, or simple subcontractor entities), businesses that need help in basic compliance matters but think that they are too small for an accountant to care. Find out more...

  • includes “everything you need to get started – and to keep going”

The Bronze Package

when you say: “I don’t need any help – just do it”

For a small businesses that only want end of year work done, and nothing much else. Find out more...

  • tax planning and business issues generally limited to “we will let you know if you’re getting it wrong and point you in the right direction”

The Silver Package

when you say: “Keep me out of trouble”

For a small business that wants “a bit extra” and the need to “drop in” regularly. Find out more...

  • basic financial and tax planning, employment and business issues including all the help you need “if you’re getting it wrong we will take you in the right direction”.

The Gold and Platinum Packages

when you say: “Solve my problems and speak my language”

For a business that wants much more “than a bit extra”. Find out more...

  • detailed financial and taxation, employment, business and system controls issues so that “you can’t get it wrong”.


Our fee packages are
based around...
  • someone to make things easy for you, by saying “leave it with us and we will do it”
  • regular "get-togethers" to discuss “how you are going and what you should be doing?”
  • monitoring your business and programs to improve your profits
  • all the direction you need in your tax and accounting matters
  • some direction in your asset protection and investment strategies
  • conducting seminars for your team training and development and customer service programs
  • helping prepare your BAS and maintaining your GST records
  • simplifying your accounting work (and showing to you our BankLink system)
  • helping set up your reporting systems showing you what to look for in your monthly reports
  • preparation of your financial accounts and tax returns
  • and anything else that comes up once we get started





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