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This Is What Is In A Superannuation Package

A Fixed Fee

because of the nature of superannuation funds, each with specific record keeping and compliance issues, our fixed fee will be quoted at the beginning of each financial year. As a guide the fee will be



with gst

very small funds
(usually a start up fund or one with not much share trading)

from $3,500

from $3,850

small funds

from $4,400

v $4,840

this what I want to tell you

Annual Compliance Work

preparation of the annual financial accounts, including members’ statements

preparation and lodgement of the Superannuation Surcharge Members’ Contributions Statement

annual review of superannuation funding requirements

maintaining all registers required for capital gains tax purposes

audit of the superannuation fund’s accounts for the purposes of the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act (the SI(S) Act)

Risk Assessment - Review of Investment

all meetings with you and your specialist financial planners and insurance advisers to assess your investments and compare them to your investment strategy

Secretarial work

all fund secretarial work including maintaining the members register and all minutes and elections and all statutory forms

Taxation returns

all tax matters including preparing and lodging all tax returns, dealing with all correspondence from the ATO and advice on your regulatory requirements and the declarations required for ATO superannuation compliance purposes

Visits, cups of coffee and smiles,

unlimited access to our team for advice on an ad-hoc basis
this means that you can call on us at any time for any superannuation question knowing that you will not be charged for the time

and this is what I have to tell you

Record Keeping

in addition to the basic financial information required to complete the financial reports and ATO & SI(S) requirements, you must keep all source documentation and make them available to allow us to analyze the implications of any transaction

Trust Deed

the deeds of the fund should be annually reviewed by a superannuation specialist to ensure they continue to comply with the requirements of the SI(S) Act

Legal Advice

this package does not extend to the provision of legal advice and we do not include this service

Financial Planning

this package does not include financial planning services for the investments of the superannuation fund nor any planning advice for your future retirement planning needs



Our fee packages are
based around...
  • someone to make things easy for you, by saying “leave it with us and we will do it”
  • regular "get-togethers" to discuss “how you are going and what you should be doing?”
  • monitoring your business and programs to improve your profits
  • all the direction you need in your tax and accounting matters
  • some direction in your asset protection and investment strategies
  • conducting seminars for your team training and development and customer service programs
  • helping prepare your BAS and maintaining your GST records
  • simplifying your accounting work (and showing to you our BankLink system)
  • helping set up your reporting systems showing you what to look for in your monthly reports
  • preparation of your financial accounts and tax returns
  • and anything else that comes up once we get started





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