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FTP Access

go either to the and click on the paw link access our FTP site

or click here FTP site

How to access our FTP folder

Once you have clicked on either of the links to the FTP folder, a Log-in window will load.

Enter your User Name (use lower case)

Enter your Password (use lower case)

if you don't have a User Name or Password please contact us


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How to copy files to our FTP folder

Login to our FTP site, a window will load lile example below

This window will be your directory on our FTP site. You can select files and copy to your computer or upload files to us.

To copy from your computer to our FTP site
Open Windows Explorer and select a file or files in the window from our server that you wish to download.

Select copy, then paste to FTP folder

to retrieve file from the FTP folder reverse this procedure

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